Will Sillin

Fine Art and Illustration

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Development of a chick. Adobe Illustrator drawing from Frank Lillie's photos

Latimeria, the Ceolocanth and a living fossil, was first known from fossils and was thought to have been extinct for 60 million years before one was caught by fishermen off the coast of South Africa. Adobe Illustrator.

Blood vessels of a developing chick embryo redrawn in Adobe Illustrator from a Bradley Patten classic

A block diagram showing the surface topography and bedrock geology of the Deerfield Valley, MA for geology professor and author Richard Little's Deerfield Magazine article, 2011.

Hyena pups playing. Adobe Illustrator drawing for Perspectives On Animal Behavior 3e, Goodenough, McGuire, Jakob, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2010

Megalops atlanticus (Tarpon) skull. Adobe Illustrator vector drawing from specimen.

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