MikesMaze is a cornfield maze grown by Mike and designed and cut by me (with Mike's approval of course). As of 2015, I have been put out to pasture. Jess is the new the maze artist. Go Jess!!

Visit www.mikesmaze.com and come to our Sunderland cornfield on September and October weekends

Yeah, But is it ART? Well, as a 'contestant' on The Game Show Network's "I Got A Secret" my secret was "I create fine art in a cornfield."

So yeah! I'm calling it art!

click on the thumbnails for enlargements.
MikesMaze 2013, The Dali-rama
MikesMaze 2011, Noah Webster word search
MikesMaze 2012, The Sower's Banquet
MikesMaze 2009, Darwin
MikesMaze 2010, Warhol's Campbell Soup Can
MikesMaze 2007, Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong
MikesMaze 2008, The Odyssey
MikesMaze 2005, Albert Einstein & the Spiral Galaxy
MikesMaze 2006, Julia Child
MikesMaze 2003, King Tut, which appeared in the Middle-Eastern press.
MikesMaze 2004, John and George in Corn, appearing on cable news channels and CNN's CrossFire.
MikesMaze, 2001, The Mona Lisa, 6 acres, the maze that made Mike's cornfield famous, and seen on Ripley's Believe It or Not, CNN, the Weather Channel, and ABC's Good Morning America.
MikesMaze, 2002, The Babe, 6 acres, as seen on ESPN's top ten plays of the day and HBO's movie "Curse of the Bambino"
all photo's by William Sillin
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